Cookbook and Seasoning Bundle
Includes a copy of The PrimeTime of Culinary and all three seasonings used throughout the cookbook!
Hoppie’s 3 Pack
The dynamic trio created by Chef Hoppie to cover almost all of your cooking needs.
Watch This • Vegetable Blend
Hoppie has came across a lot of people who aren't the biggest fan of veggies, including himself. But once he figured out the perfect blend to change almost everybody's mind, all he could say was... Watch This!
Deep Sea • Seafood Blend
One of the Chef's favorite food genres, is seafood, so it is only fitting that he created the perfect blend for anything that comes out of the Deep Sea!
APOP • All Purpose, On Purpose Blend
Chef Hoppie has created the perfect blend, that is great for just about anything and will leave you, plus others, amazed.
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